What’s the vision?

Affordable Christmas empowers and dignifies local parents and care-givers to provide a memorable Christmas for their children.

How do we accomplish this vision?

We will be inviting 30-50 families from the community to join us for Affordable Christmas on Saturday, December 13th.

When families arrive, they’ll register and be greeted by a personal shopper from LifeConnection. The personal shopper will spend the entire hour with the family as they eat a delicious breakfast, take photos with Santa, listen to live Christmas music from the LifeConnection band, and enjoy a festive environment that we’ve decorated just for them.

Parents will then be able to drop their kids off–free childcare will be provided. This will free up parents to go shopping in the Christmas store we’ve created. The store will be full of brand-new items for boys and girls of all ages. Each gift will be priced at either $1, $3, $5, or $10. They will be able to get several great gifts for each child.

When they’re done shopping, they’ll bring all their gifts to have them packaged at our gift wrapping station. We’ll then take all their gifts out to their vehicles for them.

We see Affordable Christmas as one way to respond to and embody God’s grace and mercy.  We’ll  be able to extend that same love toward these families that Jesus has extended to us.

How can I contribute to Affordable Christmas?

Our biggest need is money and toys for boys and girls of all ages. We’ve created several registries to make your contribution simple. Check out the registries below.